Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's HealthSmall Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

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Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

My husband and I both suffer from allergies and asthma and, unfortunately, two of our children inherited our health problems. Living with both can be a struggle, but we take every step we can to keep our family healthy. One spring, when our seasonal allergies were especially bad, we decided to finally have our carpeting replaced with natural tile flooring and that was a great decision. Even though it seemed like we vacuumed constantly, I guess our carpets harbored more dust and mites than we ever expected! Since then, we have invested in other upgrades to improve our family's health, including antimicrobial kitchen counter tops. I enjoy helping others, so I decided to start a blog to share what we have learned about home upgrades and renovations. I plan to post on a variety of topics, so there will be something of interest to everyone!

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Concrete Repair: Should You Resurface Or Replace?

Winter can be hard on concrete sidewalks and driveways, especially if salt was used to melt ice. Salt-based ice melting products can cause pitting of the concrete if they aren't swept off as soon as they are done melting the ice. Not only is this unattractive, it also weakens the concrete surface. The following can help you determine the best way to fix the damage.

What is your environmental stance?

If you prefer a greener option, then resurfacing is the best solution. This allows you to repair your concrete surfaces, so there won't be the need to rip out the old paving and cart it off to a landfill. If you do need to replace but still want to be green, use a concrete contractor that recycles old concrete. These chunks of old concrete can be used for fill under road beds or other large projects. It is also sometimes broken up to use as gravel or aggregate in new concrete mixes.

Is cost a major concern?

Once again, it is generally less expensive to resurface than it is to replace. Resurfacing only requires the delivery of the concrete and then the application of it over an existing surface. There may also be some additional labor for repairing cracks prior to resurfacing. Replacement not only involves demolition, the contractor will also need to construct a new base for the driveway and then they will need to install the new driveway. This requires more equipment, materials, and labor.

How badly is the concrete damaged?

The amount of damage will also impact your options. Salt damage from a single season is usually not too severe. There may be some pitting and crumbling, but the holes shouldn't go through and into the base layer beneath the paving. Cracks are also not an issue with resurfacing as long as the concrete is relatively level. Replacement becomes necessary when large cracks that are raised on one side are an issue. This means that the base beneath the concrete wasn't done correctly, so that the slab settled and became uneven. It can also be caused by tree roots. In this case, the damaged slab must be removed and replaced.

How much time do you have?

If you need a quick repair, then resurfacing is the best choice. The work can usually be completed within a day, and then the surface will be dry enough to walk upon within a day or two. Replacement requires several days for demolition, along with several more to build the base and lay the concrete. On top of this is the full curing time of a thicker concrete slab. If time is of the essence and the damage is mild enough to allow it, resurfacing is always the quicker choice. To learn more, visit a website like