Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's HealthSmall Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

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Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

My husband and I both suffer from allergies and asthma and, unfortunately, two of our children inherited our health problems. Living with both can be a struggle, but we take every step we can to keep our family healthy. One spring, when our seasonal allergies were especially bad, we decided to finally have our carpeting replaced with natural tile flooring and that was a great decision. Even though it seemed like we vacuumed constantly, I guess our carpets harbored more dust and mites than we ever expected! Since then, we have invested in other upgrades to improve our family's health, including antimicrobial kitchen counter tops. I enjoy helping others, so I decided to start a blog to share what we have learned about home upgrades and renovations. I plan to post on a variety of topics, so there will be something of interest to everyone!

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Live With Cats? 3 Ways To Keep Litter From Being A Constant Issue With Carpeting

For your cats to actually use their litter boxes, you need to make sure there is a decent amount of litter at all times. This is a catch-22 situation however. Unfortunately, very full litter boxes make it all too easy for your cats to track it in, thus making the carpet dirty and smelly over a long period of time. While you may have accepted this as a reality, you can follow a few tips to keep this from happening. You will still need to talk with a professional -- like Amer Carpet Cleaners -- to get your carpet routinely cleaned, but you won't have to pay for extra visits if you follow these tips:

Use Certain Litter Box Types

If you want a solution that does not cost a lot of money, you should purchase or make a new kind of litter box. While you can go to a pet store and spend a decent chunk of change to get boxes, you can also make your own with a plastic bin and its lid. You just need to cut a hole in the lid large enough for your cats to get in and out. The most important point to keep in mind is that you want litter boxes that require your cats to jump inside. When your cats make an effort to jump out of the litter box, the litter will come off before they leave and won't spill outside the box.

Try a Different Litter

While you may be used to having clay litter in your boxes, it is not great for cleanliness. Both clay and crystal litters are not that effective at staying off of the carpet, and pine is only slightly better. Switching to recycled paper can have a major impact on how clean the litter area stays. It may take your cats a while to get used to a noticeably different litter, so it is best to transition slowly. This will help you avoid having potty issues with any of your cats not wanting to use the new litter type at all.

Move the Litter Boxes

While it depends on the layout of your home, you may want to try moving the litter boxes. It may not be possible to completely prevent your cats from leaving litter pieces on the ground, but you can make it a little bit easier to clean by putting the litter boxes in the laundry room, bathroom, or garage since you can easily sweep up tile or concrete. By the time your cats reach the carpet, most or all of the litter that got stuck in their pads will be long gone. Also, you can put a rug that you aren't particularly fond of near the box so that the litter can catch on those fibers rather than on your nice indoor carpet.