5 Steps You Can Take This Fall To Ward Off Roof Rot

Roof rot generally occurs because you have failed to take care of regular maintenance issues with your roof. Here are five preventative steps you can take this fall that will help ward off roof rot happening to you.

#1 Remove Debris From Your Roof

Get on your roof and remove any debris that is up there. You are most likely going to find sticks and leaves. An easy way to clean your roof is to take a broom and gently sweep the debris off.

#2 Remove Junk From Your Gutters

It is important that you don’t overlook your gutters when cleaning off your roof. It is generally safest to set up a ladder to clean your gutters from, since you don’t want to be bending over the side of your roof to get the debris out of the gutters. Set up a ladder, and hang a bucket up on the hook at the top of the ladder. While you’re up there, use a glove to remove the sludge from the gutter and put it in the bucket. Empty the bucket when it gets about halfway full. Keeping your gutters clean will help water flow properly and keep your roof in prime shape.

#3 Swap Out Damaged Shingles

If you find any damaged shingles while cleaning your roof, it is important that you address them right away. You can easily pick up replacement shingles and nail them into your roof using roofing nails, or you can hire a roofing contractor to replace the damaged shingles for you. Try to take care of this task right away; the longer you wait, the more water could get under the damaged shingles and compromise your roof.

#4 Fill In Any Cracks

It is common for cracks to develop around your roof vents. These small cracks can allow a significant amount of water to get into your roof over the long term and can contribute to roof rot. To fill in these cracks, you can fill the caulking material. You can also fill the cracks with rubber cement.

#5 Inspect Your Attic

Make sure that there are no leaks in your attic and that the temperature and humidity levels stay level throughout the year. Put a thermometer and humidity reader in your attic and check the temperate occasionally to make sure that both the temperature and humidity levels are consistent and don’t fluctuate too much.

If you take these five preventative steps every fall, you should be able to prevent your roof from ever developing roof rot. For more information, contact local professionals like Premier Contractors.