Why You Shouldn’t Use Space Heaters To Heat Your Home This Winter

If you don’t have a heating system in your home, or if your heater is in need of expensive repairs, you might be thinking about trying to keep your home warm with space heaters. Even though these heaters can be a good option for supplemental heat or for an emergency heating situation, they aren’t a good option for keeping your home warm all winter. These are a few reasons why.

They’re Not as Energy Efficient

Heating your home during the winter months can be costly, but it can cost even more than usual if you use space heaters to try to get the job done. Even though you might not want to spend the money to have your heater repaired or to have a heater installed in your home, you might just find that you’ll save money by doing so when compared to the cost of heating your home with space heaters.

They Can Be Dangerous

One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that these heaters can actually be very dangerous. In fact, they cause 25,000 house fires per year and are to blame for about 6,000 emergency room visits annually. Even though some newer models do have safety features that are designed to help prevent them from catching on fire, and even though using them as directed can help reduce the chances of a heater-related accident, it can still be very risky to use multiple space heaters throughout your home as your main source of heat.

They Might Not Keep Your Family Cozy

Even though space heaters can work well for warming up a small room, they are generally designed to only provide supplemental heat. They aren’t designed to be used as a primary source of heat, and even though they might do a decent job at the beginning of the winter, you might find that they fall short when the temperatures drop.

Some people think that it’s a good idea to heat their homes with space heaters. However, even though these can be handy things to have on hand for supplemental heat, they aren’t your best option for heating your home all winter long. Instead, consider talking to an HVAC company about your options. You might actually find that it’s more affordable than you think to have your existing heating system repaired or to have a new heating system installed in your home, especially if you work with the right HVAC company.