Use Paint to Provide Wood Trim in Your Dining Room with a Marbleized Appearance

If you just purchased a marble-topped dining-room table and would like to complement it by providing the wood trim that surrounds each wall panel in the room with a marbleized appearance, complete the following steps with standard interior paint and a few basic tools.


  • drop cloths
  • wood cleaner
  • cleaning cloth
  • power sander
  • high-grit sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • painter’s tape
  • paintbrush
  • interior paint (various colors that match well with the marble tabletop)
  • mixing stick
  • soft cloths
  • sponges
  • feathers

Clean and Sand the Trim

Cover the flooring that surrounds each piece of trim with a drop cloth. Clean the trim with a cleaning cloth that has a small amount of wood cleaner applied to it. If any portions of the wood feel rough when you touch them, move a power sander that has a piece of fine-grit sandpaper attached to it over them. Wipe away dust on each piece of wood with a tack cloth. 

Apply a Base Coat of Paint and Add Marbleized Characteristics 

Cover the edges of each wall panel that are adjacent to the wooden trim pieces with strips of painter’s tape. Mix a can of interior paint and use a paintbrush to cover each piece of trim with an even coat of interior paint. Wait for the paint to dry all the way. If you would like to deepen the color of the base coat, add a second coat of paint. Pour some paint into a tray. Dip a soft cloth into the paint and press the paint-covered side against various parts of the wood trim.

Experiment while you are completing this step by moving the cloth around with a simple swirling motion or by pressing the paint-covered side of the cloth with varying degrees of firmness in order to attain results that are natural looking and reminiscent of real marble. Dip a sponge in the paint and apply it to each piece of trim in the same manner. 

Add Veining to Each Piece of Trim

Dip the tip of a feather into a color of paint that you would like to use to recreate the appearance of veining that is often seen on real pieces of marble. Move the feather lightly over various parts of each piece of trim. Look at the marble tabletop to help you envision how you would like the veining to appear. Wait for the paint to dry before removing the painter’s tape from the walls and the drop cloths from the floor.

Talk to a company such as J Maintenance Co for more tips or for professional help.