Building An Outdoor Fire Pit For Clients: Styles To Choose From

While your construction company may not specialize in building outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, fire pits are still great money-making incentives that can help you draw in more customers. When building outdoor fire spaces for your clients, choose affordable yet attractive styles that they can benefit from and you can easily build. Here are 2 styles of fire pit to build for clients when they mention wanting outdoor entertainment for their home during a build or remodel.

Freestanding fire pit and grill

Perhaps the easiest style of fire pit/fireplace to build is the freestanding version. Built a few feet tall of decorative brick or stone and grout, this pit has a removable grill placed at the top of it to resemble a chimney stack when completed. You can have this type of pit designed and built in a short time for clients who want to turn their driveways or patios (cement pads are best for fire pits) into more usable space. You can finish off this type of job by building benches to surround all sides of the pit for enjoyment of the warmth the construction can bring when lit. This simple style of fire pit is fueled by wood or charcoal, similar to a classic fireplace.

Hearth-style fireplace

If your clients want a more classic style of fire pit, then a hearth design with a mantle that resembles an indoor version is what they will most likely want to have built. Classic red or white brick, or more modern styles like slate gray or light dusty blue brick can be used to design this type of outdoor fireplace. You want to help the homeowner design just where this fireplace will go outside their home so the blaze can be enjoyed safely, and you want to pour a concrete pad prior to putting this outdoor construction in place. You can build this type of fire pit in a square design with a short chimney stack or with a longer stack in a more rectangular design, whichever style your clients have more room for. If they plan on using the fireplace for cooking, then the rectangular design may be best for their needs.

Make sure to sit down with your clients to make sure they know exactly how much their outdoor fire pit will cost and that they have somewhere to put it prior to beginning your design build. You can advertise this beneficial feature to your current clients by showing them pictures of other fire pits you’ve installed or those of other homeowners.