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Use Paint to Provide Wood Trim in Your Dining Room with a Marbleized Appearance

If you just purchased a marble-topped dining-room table and would like to complement it by providing the wood trim that surrounds each wall panel in the room with a marbleized appearance, complete the following steps with standard interior paint and a few basic tools. Materials drop cloths wood cleaner cleaning cloth power sander high-grit sandpaper […]

Want To Make Your Living Room A Prime Place For Entertaining? 3 Additions To Prioritize

Entertaining comes in all shapes and sizes. It might be your dream to own a house capable of hosting massive parties with family, friends, and coworkers coming over for these events. Or, you might like the idea of low-key entertaining with your closest friends that involves spending time in the living room. Binging new television […]

3 Ways To Keep The Construction Site Organized

Whether you are taking on a large construction project or a simple rebuild, organization at the job site is key to a safe and successful build. Here are 3 easy ways you can keep the construction site organized so projects can get completed without issue. Workbenches Using industrial workbenches on the job sites allow you […]