Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's HealthSmall Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

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Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

My husband and I both suffer from allergies and asthma and, unfortunately, two of our children inherited our health problems. Living with both can be a struggle, but we take every step we can to keep our family healthy. One spring, when our seasonal allergies were especially bad, we decided to finally have our carpeting replaced with natural tile flooring and that was a great decision. Even though it seemed like we vacuumed constantly, I guess our carpets harbored more dust and mites than we ever expected! Since then, we have invested in other upgrades to improve our family's health, including antimicrobial kitchen counter tops. I enjoy helping others, so I decided to start a blog to share what we have learned about home upgrades and renovations. I plan to post on a variety of topics, so there will be something of interest to everyone!

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Tips To Maintain And Repair Your Roof’s Drainage System For Fall

A homeowner's chores can seem to never end, but protecting your home from winter's storms is an important task you don't want to skip. Here are some tips to check, maintain, and complete repairs to your roof's drainage system to get it ready for fall. Clean and Repair Rain Gutters With the arrival of fall will come an abundance of leaves flying through the air in your neighborhood. If you have any number of trees located around your home, there is a good chance leaves will fall on your roof and become lodged inside your gutters. Read More 

How To Get Your Cooling Expenses Under Control

When the weather is scorching hot it's undeniable that maintaining a cool indoor temperature is absolutely essential. You want to be able to bask in the luxurious, cold air that blasts from your vents and makes indoor living much more tolerable. However, along with the joys of air conditioning comes the costs. If your cooling expenses are starting to go through the roof you might think that you're going to have to pull the plug on your unit in order to preserve your wallet. Read More 

A Few Benefits Of Liquid Rubber Roofing

Liquid rubber is becoming a popular choice for roofing by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. It is a synthetic rubber in a liquid form so it can be applied with a roller the same way you would paint a wall. It can be used on any roof surface although some will require a primer be used first. In addition to being easy to apply there are many other benefits to this type of roofing. Read More 

Tips For Renting Property To Tenants

If you own spare property, letting tenants rent the space can be an effective way of increasing your earnings. Yet, property rentals are often more complicated that individuals would have expected. When a person makes mistakes while renting to a tenant, it can lead to costly disputes. Protecting yourself against the more frequently encountered rental issues can be as simple as following basic safe rental practices.   Always Conduct A Thorough Background Check Read More 

Building An Outdoor Fire Pit For Clients: Styles To Choose From

While your construction company may not specialize in building outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, fire pits are still great money-making incentives that can help you draw in more customers. When building outdoor fire spaces for your clients, choose affordable yet attractive styles that they can benefit from and you can easily build. Here are 2 styles of fire pit to build for clients when they mention wanting outdoor entertainment for their home during a build or remodel. Read More