Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's HealthSmall Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

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Small Home Changes Can Improve Your Family's Health

My husband and I both suffer from allergies and asthma and, unfortunately, two of our children inherited our health problems. Living with both can be a struggle, but we take every step we can to keep our family healthy. One spring, when our seasonal allergies were especially bad, we decided to finally have our carpeting replaced with natural tile flooring and that was a great decision. Even though it seemed like we vacuumed constantly, I guess our carpets harbored more dust and mites than we ever expected! Since then, we have invested in other upgrades to improve our family's health, including antimicrobial kitchen counter tops. I enjoy helping others, so I decided to start a blog to share what we have learned about home upgrades and renovations. I plan to post on a variety of topics, so there will be something of interest to everyone!

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3 Tips For Insulating Your Windows This Winter

One of the areas of your home where cold air likes to sneak in during the winter time is around your windows. If you want to keep the cold air out and cut down on your energy bill, you need to make sure that your windows are well-insulated. Here are three different window insulation options that you can try this winter.  #1 Window Insulation Film Window insulation film generally is sold in kits at your local home improvement store. Read More 

3 Ways To Give Your Vinyl Siding A Facelift

Vinyl siding is a durable and long-lasting option for your home, but it is possible to get bored with its appearance. This is in part because it does last for so long. Fortunately, there are ways to give your siding a facelift so that you can fall in love with your home all over again. Option #1: Wash It Although low-maintenance, vinyl siding can still become dingy over time. Simply washing it can brighten up the color and make your home look much better. Read More 

A Sump Pump Can Help Keep Your Basement Dry

A wet basement is more than just an inconvenience. It's also deleterious to the health of your house. If you get water in your basement whenever it rains, it can cause mold and damage to your flooring and subflooring. It can also damage whatever you may have stored in your basement. There are a couple of ways to deal with water in your basement. One of them is to have a sump pump. Read More 

Building A Start-Up? 3 Reasons To Use Pre-Engineered Steel Building For Your New Business

If you are looking into opening a new business, you might be looking at building plans and searching for the best way to build your new commercial property. One option that you might not have looked at is a pre-engineered steel building, but these can actually be a great choice. These are a few reasons why. 1. Get Your Business Off the Ground Right Away As a prospective business owner, you are probably looking forward to opening up your doors as soon as possible. Read More 

Three Unique Flooring Ideas To Update An Old Home With Modern Style

An older home may mean that you have old worn shag carpet, linoleum or some other horrendous flooring from decades past. If you want to bring your flooring back into this century, you may want to consider custom solutions like acid stained concrete, custom hardwoods or an epoxy flooring solution. Here are some unique flooring ideas to give your home a touch of modern style: 1. Hardwood Flooring With Unique Custom Finishes Read More